Laurie Goodman is the IIWCC Course Co-Director. She completed her Masters of Health Science in Nursing degree with a focus on education and interprofessional teaching. Leading and educating interprofessional teams and patients at Credit Valley Hospital (for 21 years) and Humber River Hospital (for 3 years), Laurie provided expert clinical support. Working at the Toronto Regional Wound Healing Clinic in Mississauga with Dr. Gary Sibbald and his interprofessional wound team, Laurie had the opportunity to lead the community project with the Mississauga Halton community services (formerly known as CCAC).

Laurie is in her 10th year as Co-Director and the Course Coordinator for the IIWCC in Canada at the University of Toronto where her role includes supporting of learners to achieve optimal success in their educational journey, collaborating with international interprofessional faculty along with the ongoing revision and delivery of course curriculum and planning.

The recently created Laurie Goodman Consulting enables Laurie to offer unique and customized educational services as needed. Laurie has numerous peer-reviewed publications and has been on several RNAO Best Practice Guideline panels and has lectured nationally and internationally.