Joshua Moralejo is a Registered Nurse who has developed a passion for wound care since the beginning of his nursing practice in 2009. He has completed the Canadian Association of Wound Care Levels 1-3 Series (2011), the International Interprofessional Wound Care Course (2014) and the Master of Science in Community Health – Wound Prevention and Care (2020) at the University of Toronto.

Joshua has held positions as a Registered Nurse, Educator, Clinical Practice Lead (wound care) and a Patient Care Manager in Complex Continuing Care, Community and Acute Care settings which enabled him to establish, influence and transform the Organizations’ Wound Care program and initiatives.

Joshua has valued the principle of ongoing learning and has been involved in promoting knowledge transfer of Wound Care BPGs to practical use among frontline clinicians and student learners. He also values the philosophy of “treating patients as a Whole Person and not merely focusing on the patient’s wound”, supporting the context of holistic and interprofessional wound care management.

In 2016, Joshua was a member of Health Quality Ontario’s Wound Advisory Committee that collaboratively established quality standards for the management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Leg Ulcers and Pressure Injuries across health care sectors. Presently, he is part of Wounds Canada’s National Wound Care Leadership Initiative.