What is WoundPedia™?

The intentions of WoundPedia™ are to:

  • Bring the evidence to the fingertips of clinicians.
  • Identify strengths and gaps in the evidence for researchers.
  • Provide clinically relevant information for policy makers.
  • Provide a relevant and concise summary of key clinical information for education, diagnosis and treatment.


What type of information does WoundPedia™ provide?

The summaries on WoundPedia™ contain the most rigorous and recent, clinically relevant wound care evidence and also reflect patient concerns and expert knowledge.

What is different about WoundPedia™?

WoundPedia™ offers ‘just-in-time’ recommendations and information on wound care for clinicians.

Can I reprint and redistribute WoundPedia™ data?

The materials on WoundPedia™ are meant as an educational tool and can be used for this purpose without express permission. Materials are not meant to be distributed or used for financial gain. See Copyright & Disclaimer.

Does WoundPedia™ guarantee the best results?

The materials on WoundPedia™ are not fixed protocols that must be followed, but are intended for health care professionals and providers to consider. Local context and specific individual consideration is required by the health care professional and provider. See Copyright & Disclaimer.

What is WoundPedia™’s intended audience?

The informational offerings presented on WoundPedia™ are intended primarily for the following audiences:

  • Physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals and provider organizations
  • Medical specialty and professional societies
  • Researchers
  • Government health care policy makers and specialists


Is WoundPedia™ for use by patients?

If you are a patient and are accessing this site, you should understand that the information presented is intended and designed for the use of the expert audiences previously identified. (See What is intended Audience?) It is essential that you seek assistance from a health care professional in interpreting these materials and applying them in individual cases. The materials on WoundPedia™ were not intended for use by patients or caregivers.

Must I register in order to view content?

Registration is not required to use WoundPedia™.

How much does WoundPedia™ cost?

Content on WoundPedia™ is available at no cost subject to the distribution and reproduction conditions specified above.

Who sponsors WoundPedia™?

Information on WoundPedia™ is sought from several constituencies, including every-day practitioners, wound care experts, and medical specialty societies.