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Evidence is important in every walk of life, but has gained specific importance in healthcare, medicine, wound care.

The concept of Evidence Informed Practice presents an important background for the development of Wound Care as a clinical specialty. WoundPedia™ brings this to life through a user-friendly, just-in-time, regularly updated, web resource. For your convenience, the information contained within this website has been organized into specific topics:

  • Evidence Informed Topics
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  • International Interprofessional Wound Care Course(IIWCC)
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WoundPedia™ Mission

Delivering evidence informed tools globally

WoundPedia™ Vision

  • Dissemination of clinically relevant resources to the fingertips of healthcare professionals;  that reflects patient concerns along with expert knowledge
  • Improved wound care delivery for interprofessional collaboration  having practical, relevant and user-friendly resources
    Optimized patient care extended to developing and emerging healthcare systems globally
  • Enhanced informational matter through networking, linkages and other available information
  • Provision of current and upcoming education, surveys and global projects